Summer Sale

I love a good sale…especially a yarn sale. I’ll even buy a yarn I don’t even need when I see it on sale! Do you know how hard it is to work in a yarn shop and there be a sale on? Well, my stash is getting to the point where my husband dragged me away out of town so that I wouldn’t be there when this sale was on. Can you believe that???

Anyway,  it’s time to clear our inventory and do we have some deals for you!

  • All Cotton and Cotton Blends are on sale -20% off
  • All sock yarns are on sale – 20% off
  • The following yarns will be 25% off:


Also, check our sale bin for deals 30% and up.

Sale Starts Saturday, July 21st!

*PK discount does not apply to yarns that are on sale

  Just so you know, they’re going to be doing some road work on Lougheed Hwy so you may have to park at the Haney Place Mall behind the shops on the north side of the street and walk over. 

Happy Summer Knitting!

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