Summer 2020 Sale

One of the things I love about summer is sitting outside my trailer, listening to the lovely sounds of nature and knitting something special. I usually knit smaller items in summer like baby sweaters and hats. Who wants to have a heavy blanket on you in the heat? So I stick to cottons and cotton blends or light yarns. Right now I am stocking up for future grandbabies (come on!) and have a lovely cardigan in Katia Concept Cotton Cashmere on the go. I’m also going to knit up a light summer wrap from Katia Harmonia in a lovely blue/green/rose colourway. Can’t wait to see what that will look like!

Love this colourway…

So just to help you out with this as the weather is finally turning warm, we are putting all our cottons and cotton blends on sale.

15% off and PK card holders 25%

These are just a few of the yarns we have on sale right now. Come into the shop and see what we have for you.

You’ll also be able to see some of our lovely displays by done up by our volunteers.

Hats seem to be the theme this season. It’s a great way in a small space for you to see how many of our yarns feel or how they knit up.

Speaking of volunteers, let me introduce you to the lovely Bernice. You might run into her on a Saturday here and there. Bernice loves to just create and loves to let the yarn take her wherever! Swatching? Nah! That’s for the cautious, not the adventurous. No wonder she works as a teacher! That’s a huge adventure! You’ll find some of our wittiest signs will have come from Bernice, and she is part of the display team.

Volunteering spots available

If you’ve ever thought of volunteering your time to help charity (and involving your favourite craft), then perhaps Once Upon a Sheep is the place for you. We send children to camp each year who would otherwise not have the chance for a summer holiday. This year is the first year we are missing this privilege as the camp is closed due to COVID-19. Ask us about the perks and privileges of volunteering at the shop and send an email to or send a message through the website. It’s a lot of fun and there are great people to work and knit with.

Closed Long Weekend

And remember we are not open on Long Weekends to give our volunteers a break. Therefore, the shop will be closed on August 1st.

Hope to see you soon!

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