It’s that time of year…

Fall brings with it a sense of change. This year is an exception because all of 2020 has been one big change. It has changed the face of many communities with businesses closing up shop, not being able to catch up after Covid ravaged, for many, their life’s work. I was up vacationing on the Sunshine Coast and many stores have closed. Lack of tourism just ended up being the death of their businesses. I went around to each of the shops still open and bought a little something, just to help in some way…

We’re fortunate here at Once Upon a Sheep because we have some faithful shoppers who have kept us afloat. Not as well as we would like, but able to keep the lights on, so to speak. Thank you to everyone who purchased yarn and needles from us this past several months. Your patronage means so much to us.

And now for some news… Covid has shrunk our volunteer base a bit and some are choosing to stay safe. It is hard to be open till only 2:00 pm so we decided to change the hours to 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm, Tuesday to Saturday.

Two of our new yarns this year are from Cascade – 220 Superwash Wave and Llama Lace.

220 Superwash Wave
Beautiful striping effect

Cascade Llama Lace

As our children head back to school we know that parents and grandparents are a little worried about how that will look and how it will all turn out. It’s the unknown that rattles us. All of us at Once Upon a Sheep hope and pray that you will all stay safe, keep social distancing and stay home and knit or crochet whenever you can.

We hope you’ll make Once Upon a Sheep your go-to local yarn shop this season. If you want to phone in an order, we can still do curbside pick-up for you. We continue to take all precautions necessary and have hand sanitizer and masks. We ask that you help keep our volunteers safe and bring a mask to the store.

We look forward to serving you. Happy knitting/crocheting!

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