Mad About Ewe 2022

As in life, change brings about opportunities. This year the opportunity before us to embrace something a little different for our annual sale, Mad About Ewe.

Let me give you some history – the first time we ran this sale it was held at night and the name “Midnight Mad About Ewe” was a take on Valentine’s Day. We opened at 8:00 pm and stayed open until 12:00 am – midnight. We wondered if anyone would show up but we decided to be optimistic and had volunteers ready. We arranged with the Baptist church across the street to allow us to use their parking lot. We had volunteers escorting shoppers across the road to our shop inside The Salvation Army Caring Place. We had coffee for the husbands who did not want to let their wives go alone at night to the shop in such a “dangerous” area.

The sale was a HUGE success and the knitters & crocheters were lined up outside waiting their turn to come in. The volunteer salespeople were run off their feet while we had hourly 15-minute flash sales. Oh my goodness! It was crazy fun! We conducted the sale this way for a few years, however, the sale eventually evolved into a daytime sale over Valentine’s Day weekend. We still brought in the same level of sales, but the pace was a little slower and not as crazy.

Now we are in a different location than we were at the beginning and it is a smaller space. Normally this is fine, however, COVID-19. Last year we were back to line-ups outside due to social distancing rules for businesses, and it was not fun for anyone. Our customers did not let us down, though, and we still had a wonderful sales total in spite of the limitations.

This year we are going to embrace change again in order to keep everyone safe , which includes our volunteers. Rather than Valentine’s Day weekend, we are going to conduct the sale over a two-week period. You will still be able to access the amazing sale yarns in the back room and everything in the shop will be on sale.

Here are the details:

Dates: February 15th – February 26th

Hours: 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm Tuesday – Friday and 10:00 am – 4:00 pm Saturdays

Up to 50% off selected yarns!